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Monday, October 21, 2013

Nolan, from Pingdingshan: Our Tiny Peanut Farmer

A huge part of why foster care like Grace & Hope is able to provide is so valuable to children is that it offers them an opportunity to live real life in a family, to have all the experiences a child should have as they grow.  Check out this sweet story from a recent report.

Nolan was not home when we arrived. As we wondering where to find him, we leraned that they were in the field with their foster father. He said that they are harvesting peanuts today and the two children (Nolan and Eric) were in the field now. Then he gave us a ride on his bike and took us to the field where from far away, we saw Nolan sitting in his stroller under a tree. Around him were all peanut stocks. Nolan was like a little guard watching the crops. His skin was tan and he looked strong and healthy.

I called Nolan’s name and he gave me a big smile right away. I passed him a drink and his dad helped to open the drink for him immediately. Nolan took several bites and had a break, he then took more bites and looked very content.

According to his foster dad, Nolan enjoys following his parents everywhere. He cries if adults leave him home. Today he wanted to come to the field to harvest peanuts and they had to take him. All the vellagers like Nolan, they cheer him when he passes by their field. Nolan has a sweet tooth, and the locals often share treats with him.  He remembers the neighbors, and greets them politely by name.

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